Wedding Venues in Nottinghamshire

Planning a wedding is a little like piecing together a jigsaw and no piece makes it all come together more than the venue.

The venue will immediately establish the tone, style and ambience of your wedding. Whether your occasion is formal or informal the setting will ultimately determine the success of your reception. With this in mind there are several key points to consider.

It is customary for a wedding to have a style or theme. This need not be as complicated as it may first sound, but ensuring you have the right venue is crucial. The correct settings can transform an occasion, even on a relatively tight budget.

The geographical location is paramount. It may be your home town or birthplace or a location special to you both. The theme or style may dictate the geographical location, for example if you require a stately home or country house.

Capacity is also important. If you have your heart set on a venue but it only accommodates half of your listed guests which will come under review? Even the most spectacular venues can become ordinary if it is over or under filled.

Make considerations for guests who may have to travel some distance to your wedding. Does the venue offer accommodation and access to local amenities?

Nottingham offers a wide range of venues suitable for weddings. Many offer specialist wedding packages which can be customised to your needs and budget. It is also possible to hire venues that can host both the reception and a civil ceremony, at greater convenience to you and your guests.

Hotels are always a popular wedding venue in Nottingham but more unusual choices such as stately homes, country clubs, golf clubs and historic coaching inn are also available. The superb range of establishments ensures that there will be a venue to suit your wedding style and needs, regardless of budget.