Photography & Video in Nottinghamshire

Having spent so much time, effort and money planning the perfect day you now want to record your success and the start of your married life. With over 100 wedding photographers to choose from in Nottingham it is essential that you get it right. We feature six of the best photographers or videographers who specialise in Nottingham weddings.

Choosing a photographer whose portfolio you admire and whose technique you appreciate is very important, but so is chemistry. If you do not feel at ease with the photographer this will be evident in your pictures. The style of photographs should be in keeping with the wedding. Most photographers shoot in digital now and so black and white and sepia can easily be interspersed with full colour shots. Formal portraits will always be popular but increasingly reportage style shots are commissioned. These are more candid shots that capture the day as it occurs with essentially more spontaneity.

This does not mean that all the shots are taken ad hoc and it is essential that you give your photographer some direction before the day. You may want shots taken as you prepare or before the ceremony. It is also important to be clear how many images you will be expecting, and at what cost. Some photographers charge by volume others by time.

You should also be aware of any constraints there may be, particularly legal. This is more relevant with video but the videographer should inform you of these. Remember that the video can be more than just a documentary of the events so make clear any special requests before filming begins.

As with all aspects of weddings the finer details are dependent on budget. Nottingham photographers pride themselves on offering a range of packages to suit all needs and resources. Many allow you to build and price your own custom plan based on the photographers time, photos shot and image rights. A typical package may include coverage of the bride getting ready until the end of the formal reception, a range of black and white and colour images, online gallery of images, and complete photo album and proofs.