Music & Entertainment in Nottinghamshire

Music is a superb way of personalising your wedding day, by setting the tone and solidifying the theme of your special day. From the moment your guests are ushered into the ceremony to the last few people merrily dancing at the reception your wedding will be accompanied by music.

Making the right decision could make or break the ambience of your carefully planned day so it is important that you have the best choices and advice available. In Nottingham there are a number of specialists on hand to assist you in selecting the right music. Your choices should be personal and need not be traditional, though some places of worship do not allow secular music during the ceremony.

When planning the music for the ceremony itself you will need to choose prelude music as the guests arrive. This should be calm music and not overpowering. This is followed by the pre-processional arrangement as the bride and groom’s family are seated and observed. The processional music will then indicate that the ceremony will shortly begin and leads into the bride’s entrance. After the ceremony the bride and groom will leave accompanied by recessional music traditionally Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.

The reception music gives you even more scope to put your stamp on the day’s proceedings and book the artists of your choice. Hiring a band allows you to dictate the style of music your venue requires and nothing quite beats live music. Talented bands will know when to alter the tempo of the music to suit the needs of the guests, keeping the party going for as long as you wish.

DJs are a cheaper option and often offer a more eclectic range. One advantage is that you know what the music will sound like as often they cannot be altered. Meeting DJs in advance is advisable to make sure they understand exactly what you require and what sounds you do not want to hear. Establishing a dress code is also advisable to maintain the tone and style of your reception.

Tribute bands are an affordable way of also enjoying live music. They provide entertainment as well as initiate it but be careful in your selection of artists. Try to cover an artist or group that will be enjoyed by a wide selection of your guests, regardless of age or general music tastes.