Jewellery & Essentials in Nottinghamshire

The wedding ring or band is given by each partner to symbolise their promise of fidelity in their marriage. In Britain the ring is worn on the left hand, that closest to the heart, on the fourth finger (counting from the thumb).

Traditionally responsibility of the rings is given to the best man, until they are required in the ceremony. Alternatively a young boy may be granted the role of ring bearer to allow more family involvement in the service.

Both of these roles emphasises the importance of the rings, not just in the ceremony but as a symbol of endurance in married life. The permanence of the vows the couple take is strengthened by the rings’ structure, typically of a tough metal that cannot be broken or tarnished.

There are over 70 recognised jewellers in Nottingham ranging from well know high street chains to bespoke specialists. Yellow gold remains the most popular choice of metal though platinum is growing in esteem. Titanium is quickly becoming a firm favourite, particularly amongst grooms, due to its low cost and gunmetal tones.

Although most couples will opt for matching rings Nottingham jewellers aim to cater for all styles and needs and offer a wide range of unique designs. Some establishments also offer a modern wedding ring set. This comprises both wedding rings and a ladies engagement ring that seamlessly lies with the wedding band forming one piece.

A good fit is imperative when purchasing such an important piece of jewellery and Nottingham jewellers recommend a professional measurement to ensure accuracy. Conditions such as humidity, temperature and exercise can affect your measurement (UK sizes graduate in half sizes which tally with the alphabet) which is most accurate late in the day.