Dresses & Suits in Nottinghamshire

Many young girls dream of their wedding when they will be draped in white and at the centre of attention. Some have never given it a second thought. In both cases it will probably prove to be the most expensive and most photographed dress that you ever purchase. Understandably you will seek perfection.

The traditional white lace wedding dress popularised by Queen Victoria is still well-liked but ensure that your dress suits the theme and style of your day. Choose a style that best displays your figure; perhaps even opt for a shade other than white. Whether you choose to purchase a bespoke dress or buy one ready made ensure you shop early. This will permit time to make the right choice and allow for any necessary alterations.

The bridesmaids’ dresses will also need to be purchased well in advance of the day, to make the same allowances. It is no longer deemed necessary to dress all attendants in matching dresses and many maintain a colour theme and styling the dresses according to the individuals. This colour is then continued by the groomsmen.

The groom should certainly not be forgotten and his attire is equally important. Many men choose to hire formal wear in order to coordinate the groom, best, man and ushers etc and this is certainly most cost effective. Some grooms opt to purchase a tuxedo since it is suitable for both the ceremony and the reception and will be of use beyond the wedding day. Whatever the choices it is imperative that the bride and groom are suitably coordinated in style, colour and formality.

There are several formal hire services available in Nottingham to suitably kit out the gentleman of the wedding party. Nottingham also boasts numerous high quality bridal specialists and seamstresses who can tailor dresses from scratch or sell ready-made designs. The variety on offer in Nottingham ensures that your needs can be met regardless of style or budget.